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Why Human Systems are Key to Achieving Lasting Results
Many companies invest in change initiatives only to find that, despite their efforts, improvements are not sustainable. After months of analysis, important structural and organizational changes, and often large investments in new technologies, results regress to pre-project levels or, at best, show incremental improvement. Frustrated, these companies reach one of two conclusions:

They did not choose the correct technologies, or
They do not have the right people.

In the first case, they do further analysis and invest in a new change activity, and the cycle continues. In the second case, experienced individuals are replaced, within the same system and culture. In the vast majority of cases, these new individuals will achieve essentially the same results as their predecessors and, again, morale and confidence decline, and the cycle continues.

Working on Your Human Systems
At HMC, we have found that the key element that is missing from most improvement initiatives is a focus on the Human Systems. Too often we expend our greatest efforts finding new ways to 'do the work', reacting to problems as they arise. Results improve in the short term, but inevitably the symptom recurs, or a new problem arises, and long-term results oscillate around the same level. If we study the system, identifying trends and patterns and developing new processes in response to root causes, we will begin achieve more consistent and predictable outcomes. However, if we have not worked on the Human Systems — the beliefs, assumptions, habits, motivations and Mental Models — the gains achieved will level off, or diminish, over time.

Achieving Sustainable Improvements

HMC's "Human Systems" Workshops and Seminars
Working on Human Systems is an integral part of HMC's Holistic philosophy. HMC's Human Systems services include workshops and seminars which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our workshops and seminars focus on these areas:

We help our clients identify individual and organizational beliefs and assumptions and link those beliefs to results.
We work with clients to create high performance teams with a shared vision that are committed to realizing their goals.
We help our clients create system-wide solutions that address root-causes rather than the symptoms that constantly surface.
We coach the change leaders and emphasize the importance of their role in holding the vision and maintaining the team's focus.

HMC has a proven track record of helping clients achieve breakthrough results that are sustainable, and continue to improve over time.

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